Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

RCU in the Media

Local Media tries to get a good shot of the RCU Press Conference

Here's a photo of the press contingent present at RCU presser last week and another article on the event.

Diving: It's getting bad

Another Long Distance Goal

Hondoran Maynor Figueroa hits a bomb from a quickly taken free kick. Nice goal!

Today's History Lesson

In an effort to get to know the USA World Cup opponent Algeria better, here's a quick lesson about the growth of soccer in Algeria.

FSC To Go HD In January

According to EPL Talk, Fox Soccer Channel has confirmed that they are starting their HD broadcasting next month. When they do go HD, you'll have to verify that your carrier is also going to provide the HD channel. To do this, FSC has created a Channel Finder tool. Unfortunately, there is no provider info available for my zip yet, but I hope this changes in January.


  1. FSC in HD is the best news I've heard all year!!!

  2. Just went to that Fox link and FSC will actually send a message to your provider from you asking to carry the HD channel. I urge everyone to go!!!