Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back, Back, Back for the Holidays

I am Back!

Thanks again to Chris for providing content while I convalesced. I learned a few things about H1N1. According to my doctor it's actually been less severe than the regular flu virus, but it's very contagious; both my daughter and wife now have it. Please try your best to stay away from it. So, wash your hands and cover your mouth while coughing/sneezing. Back to our normal content now...

Weekend Warrior is Back!!!

The boys over at are at it again. They will be putting on the 3rd Annual Weekend Warrior 6-aside Tournament again on the Valentine's Day weekend at the John Hunt Soccer Complex. There'll be more divisions so old guys like myself won't take myself out the week before HASL trying to track down a kid half my age. We'll done Jacob, Rob and crew...

And Andy Zorovich is Back

I had been slacking over at the NPSL Insider for a while. So, I've posted the remaining portions of my interview with RCU Prez and NPSL SE Commish Andy Zorovich as an apology. Check it out.

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