Friday, December 11, 2009

RCU Press Conference Recap

RCU Technical Director Desmond Armstrong

As I told you earlier this week, Desmond Armstrong was officially announced as the Rocket City United Technical Directory today during a press conference at the Madison City Hall. In addition, the city and the club announced that RCU will be playing their home matches in Madison and the NPSL Final Four will be held aat the Madison City Schools Stadium.After being welcomed by several local dignitaries, Madison Mayor Paul Finley welcomed the team and spoke about some of the benefits the team will bring to the city and vice-versa. "This is an exciting day for Madison... We have 1,500 kids in the city of Madison in AYSO soccer. We have 25 different club teams... and that's not to mention the teams at Liberty, Discovery, and Bob Jones... As a business person, I understand why you are here. Your target market is here. We are the center of this Tennessee Valley. If you go to Decatur, and Athens, and Huntsville, Madison is an ideal location."

Madison Mayor Paul Finley Welcomes Rocket City United

RCU president Andy Zorovich then spoke about his original intention on playing in Madison and his delight that the team is able to call the Madison City School Stadium home after two seasons playing in Huntsville's John Hunt Soccer Stadium.

Zorovich was also proud to announce that Madison would play host the NPSL Final Four at the end of July. "This year the championship for our league will be held here. It's going to be a great opportunity... Hopefully, we'll be playing in that final game on July 31st. That's the goal that we'll have for the team." After setting that lofty expectation, Zorovich gave the floor to Armstrong to address the media.

Desmond Armstrong addresses the media

I'll be posting more footage from the press conference later today.

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