Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, Monday

Due to my recent bout with flu and the CDC's frowning upon those with flu getting on airplanes, I had to cancel my family's trip to Arizona this week. So, it's back to work for me. It shouldn't be too bad. Most folks are on vacation this week, and it'll be a bit of a ghost town. Unfortunately, I will miss all of today's EPL matches.

EPL Holidays

Speaking of missing the matches due to work, here is a nice little article from EPL Talk to remind us that we in America work too much. :)

Missing the old days

Back in the day: We had the greats like Cruyff to ourselves! See how much space we had to relax in the stands!

According to some, soccer has finally hit the mainstream. This is a good look at the remorse some of us who have been on the bandwagon for decades may feel when the USA wakes up and starts paying attention to the beautiful game for real.

It's a lot like when I went to see Blink 182 in 1995 and was one of 5 guys in the joint. I had room to pull off all of my fancy dance steps. Five years later, I took my nephew to see them play an arena show and we had to share the experience with 20,000 others. My round-house skank just didn't seem as much fun when I kept bumping into teeny-boppers by the hundreds.

Now, we have to share with the Johnnies-come-lately!

It's just like soccer now. Instead of walking up before kick-off, going right up to the ticket counter, paying for the cheap seats and ignoring the number on the ticket to sit down right at the midfield stripe, now we'll have to start buying season tickets just to make sure we get in the stadium. And the referee won't be able to hear me call him a bum anymore!

I'm going to start missing those days. Just call me an old curmudgeon! :)

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