Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Randoms

Huntsville and Soccer Insider

Rocket City United and the Perfectly Weighted Through Blog are getting some love from the national and local media. In his Soccer Insider blog, one of the nation's foremost soccer reporters, Steven Goff of the Washington Post, gives a shout out to RCU's hiring of local DC product, Desmond Armstrong, by posting links to RCU and the PWTBlog.
Not to be outdone, local Huntsville blogger Jean Brandau has also mentioned the Armstrong hire and linked to RCU in her Huntsville Insider blog.

ESPN will focus on World Cup Games

ESPN has vowed to keep to their announcing crews focused on the game they are calling rather than try to educated the soccer unintiated during the game broadcasts. This type of pandering to "Joe Sportsfan" was widely panned during the 2006 World Cup when ESPN brought in baseball announcer Dave O'Brien as the network's primary play by play announcer. This is terrific news to those of us that don't need to have someone explain the offside rules and don't care that Sacha Kljestan's girlfriend is a Victoria Sectret model.

To try help grab the interest of the average sportsfan, ESPN will focus thier human interest stories during thier secondary coverage. Also, ESPN has gained the rights to past matches from previous World Cups and will show many of those matches on ESPN Classic. This summer is going to be awesome!

Refereeing is hard!

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about just how hard it is to ref a soccer game.

USA World Cup Bid Video

In case you haven't seen it. Here is the USA's World Cup bid video delivered to FIFA during the World Cup draw last week.

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