Wednesday, December 30, 2009

History Lesson, Boots the Goalkeeping Cat, Referee's Egos and More

Today's History Lesson from the Onion

Wow! I did not know this...

"Fundamentally, what they sought in the New World was freedom to practice any sport they wished," historian and author Bruce Wright said. "The Pilgrims thought people should not be forced to conform to one single game, especially one in which the hands went unused."

"We must keep in mind what these radical Puritans believed about idle hands," Wright added.
Great stuff from the Onion. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Jimmy Conrad's "Perfect World"

...Speaking of funny stuff, Jimmy Conrad has Part 2 of his future vision for MLS. The dude is pretty hilarious.

Players v MLS: It's getting serious

Not really related to this MLS CBA mess, but I had to show this book cover written by KC Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman.

... And speaking of MLS, here's a very good run down of the issues at stack in the Collective Bargaining negotiations between the players and MLS. A work stoppage would be disastrous to the US soccer. Between this and the USL v NASL, there is s a lot to wring you hands over in the next few weeks. Maybe Boots will have to save the day on this one too.

USMNT World Cup Tix Available to General Public

US Soccer has opened its allotment of tickets to the 2010 World Cup for sale to the general public. Those who want to order tickets for USMNT games will need to submit pre-application data to US Soccer by Jan. 11, 2010

Referees: Those Without Ego Need Not Apply

MLS referees have not had the best reputation. Angelo Bratsis is trying to change that. The former FIFA referee and current MLS referee instructor gave a very interesting interview about what it takes to be successful in the thankless task, including something I was surprised to read: a healthy dose of ego.

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