Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barca Babies, US Soccer Movie, Stadiums, and FSP

Barcelona Babies: The Iniesta Generation

The New York Times Goal Blog has a funny little article about the sharp increase is births around 9 months after Barcelona won the European Championship. They're calling it "The Iniesta Generation" after the fancy-footed midfielder.

The Rising Beast of US Soccer

The opening paragraph of this interview from Culture Of Soccer Blog with filmmaker Pablo Miralles really defines the fear that the rising US Soccer juggernaut causes in fans of the traditional soccer powers.
"An English fan he was interviewing said to him, “You know what I’m most scared of? I’m scared that Americans will actually start caring about this sport.” The thought of this clearly spooked the (slightly inebriated) English fan, who proceeded to start crying. Which led Pablo Miralles to wonder: What was it that would lead a fan halfway across the world to shed tears over the possibility that the US would become a soccer power?"
Miralles' current film project called "Gringo At The Gate" describes the different views that US Soccer fans have of the sport from their southern neighbors in Mexico.

Trailer for Miralles' film "Gringos At The Gate"

Note to self: Re-up Netflix when this one comes out.

Stadiums Are The Key

Rendering of the Philadelphia Union's stadium that opens this year.

Respected Houston soccer media icon Steve Davis is right on target when he says that the key to long term growth in soccer in the US is stadium development. Having a building of thier own gives the clubs financial viability and gives the community and supporters a sense of permanence. You also gotta love the tongue lashing that Davis gives soccer haters, too.
"It also says to the soccer haters: 'Screw you, we’re here to stay. So go hide in the forest with the rest of the xenophobic jackholes and douchey ding dongs who always want to know ‘Why can’t things just be the way they used to be?' "

More Leagues For Fox Soccer Plus has been right on top of the Fox Soccer stories this winter. They were on top of the FSC HD news and now they're giving us the rumors on Fox Soccer Plus. Looks like we'll get to see the French League Un and the English Championship (2nd divsion just below the EPL).

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