Monday, February 1, 2010

TV Stuff: 3D, Champs League, And FSC In HD Or Not?

3D Soccer on TV: How It Works

I was watching the Arsenal v ManU broadcast this weekend, and the announcers mentioned that it was being broadcast in 3D in England. Well, that got me thinking about the how it is technically done. Lucky for me, the Daily Mail has the answer.

Champions League Watched By More Than The Super Bowl

Reuters reports that the UEFA Champions League Final has passed the Super Bowl for the first time last year as the most viewed annual sporting event. The CLF between ManU and Barcelona was watched by 109 million people worldwide, while the Super Bowl was watched by 106 million.

Fox Soccer Channel "Available In HD"? Not Really

As I told you last week, FSC has started broadcasting in HD, but as EPL Talk points out in this article, that don't mean squat, if none of the carriers have the HD version in their line-up. From what I could piece together, my carrier, DirecTV, currently doesn't have the capacity to add the HD version of FSC. An additional satellite has been launched to increase the capacity, but that will not go online until "late first quarter or early second quarter 2010." Still no joy in HD-ville.


  1. To all Soccer fans. If you have Directv has your provider, please write them and protest their lack of FSC HD. We all pay additional funds to obtain this channel as part of the sports package. Those of you who purchase FSC Plus are spending another $15 on top of the sports pack. Maybe if enough of us write requesting the HD service they will do the right thing. Directv advertise to have more HD channels than any other provider. Then tell them to give us the HD service that count. Next month is the Champions League Final, we will all be watching in Standard Def. Shame on Directv. This game will have more worldwide veiwers than Super Bowl.

  2. Anonymous,
    You may have missed the announcement that the Champs League final will be on FOX not FSC or FS+. That means the Champs League final will be in HD no matter if FSC is in HD or not. BTW, the latest rumor is that FSC and GolTV will go HD on DirecTV in the next few months.

    But still everyone, please write DirecTV asking for more soccer. Every little bit helps.


  3. Here's my post on the announcement.