Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watching at Home vs Bar vs Stadium, Fox Soccer Plus,, and Jens Lehmann Clowns Around Again

With whom do you watch the game?

I've been beating the Huntsville soccer bar drum pretty loudly, lately. Maybe it's the long, cold winter we've been having. And it may be because I'm getting cabin fever while sitting alone on my couch, screaming at the TV over missed goals and terrible calls. I need a change of venue. I need a social outlet, a place where I can hang with my fellow soccer pals and shoot the bull while taking in the game.

Jesse Chula categorizes the various types of soccer viewers in his post for EPL Talk. While I suppose I qualify as a guy who lives close enough to visit the stadium during the RCU season, the NPSL season is only a few months long. So, I mostly identify with what he calls the "All Alone Football Fan".

Good news and bad news about Fox Soccer Plus,

I'll go with the good news first. Fox Soccer Plus will be offered as a replacement of Setanta by DirecTV beginning on March 1. The bad news? It will cost the same as Setanta, which runs $14.99 per month. As I wrote last year in my review of Huntsville soccer on TV options, I don't think the programming justifies the cost. And it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks it may not be worth it.

In related news, will live stream EPL matches (and maybe other leagues) beginning on March 6. They also be taking over where Setanta online presence left with pricing at $4.95 a game, $14.95 a month and $49.95 a season. Again, the question is, "Is it worth the money?" This time, I'd say maybe. It really depends on how many and which games they are going to be streaming, but $50 for a season's worth of games doesn't sound too bad.

Jens Is At It Again

Tuesday's Barcelona v. Stuttgart Champions League match had a lot of entertainment value, but not just for the soccer played. PWT-blog's favorite goalkeeper turned circus clown, Jens Lehmann, cranked up crazy again.

Jens up to more antics

First, Jens takes out a photographer. Then, he performs a flying leg drop that would make Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka proud. This is just weeks after peeing on the field and stomping an opponent.

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  1. $50 sounds like a good deal if you get the whole season. I don't know if they still do it, but MLS had an option a few years back that I used to subscribe to. It was even cheaper, like $20.