Thursday, February 11, 2010

World Cup on 730 the Ump? Bud House, Soccer HoF, and Cool Book

World Cup Matches On Local Radio?
It appears that ESPN will broadcast all of the matches from the World Cup in addition to it's radio affiliates in addition to TV, internet and mobile device coverage. EPL Talk is reporting that everyone's favorite leprechaun soccer analyst, Tommy Smyth, will be providing the color for the broadcasts. Zack Bennett, the program director for 730 The UMP was noncommital when contacted to verify whether the local ESPN Radio affiliate would be airing the broadcasts, "We have not announced our intentions concerning World Cup coverage for the 2010 event, and we cannot comment at the current time." PWT-blog will let you know, if they decide to air any of the coverage.

King of Beers Looking For World Cup Fans

I'm not a big fan of some of Bud's products, but I like some of their commercials and they do sponsor soccer in a big way. Well, this publicity stunt looks right up my alley. Budweiser is looking for fans from each country in the World Cup to be in what looks to be some sort of Real World: World Cup edition called Bud House. Check it out. Although, I'll warn you now. There's a 14 page application and they will expect you to drink their beer!

Soccer Hall of Fame Is Leaving Oneonta
Seriously, where the heck is Oneonta? Maybe that's one reason the US Soccer Hall of Fame is closing its doors. It's rumored that many of the exhibits will be housed in MLS stadiums where soccer fans actually can see them. Good move.

Cool new book

This is an ad for what looks to be a pretty cool book coming out in May with the personal accounts from many of the sports greatest players about how they came to love the game. Could be a great gift for the soccerhead in your family.

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