Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Own Goals, Schedules, FSC HD on DirecTV and NCAA/Pro Rules

The Dreaded OG: What is it?

Two players making the international sign for "Oh no! Own goal!"

OG is own goal (or autogol in some languages), not original gangster... So, what exactly counts as an own goal? Is a shot that's nicked by a defender an own goal? EPL Talk would like for own goals to be redefined to reward the attacking player even if the player was just crossing the ball and not shooting. I'm not so sure I agree. I'm of the opinion that if the original trajectory of the shot was not on goal when the defender puts it into his own net, it should be considered an own goal. What do you think?

Here are some funny OGs!

The Complexities of the Schedule

Simply put, scheduling a league is hard. The words "fair and balanced" are popular today in the news media, but those words are the ideal that each league scheduler is attempting when they sit down to work out the who, where and whens of the fixture list (as the Brit's call it). A variety of variables must be taken into account to get teams together in competition including travel, field availability, and TV time slots to name a few. Pitch Invasion takes a more intricate look at how the MLS and USL handle the task.

FSC HD on DirecTV Tomorrow?

According to Sports Illustrated's Soccer writer Grant Wahl's Tweet yesterday, "Source: Fox Soccer Channel to be broadcast in HD starting this Wed on DirecTV/DISH. Cable systems? Not yet." I'll let you all know if it's true. Update: So, it turns out it was bogus. Grant responded with this tweet, "DirecTV says will not start carrying FSC in HD on Wed. In negotiations with Fox. Bad info from Fox source. Apologies."

NCAA To Allow Amateurs Play With Pros

More from Twitter... According to the NPSL Insider Tweet, "NCAA looks to pass bylaw which allows amateur players to play on same team with pros." The tweet links to an attorney's blog about Prop 2009-22 and I gave up after three paragraphs of plowing through the "legalese". I'll take their word for it. Anyway, this could really change the make up of the NPSL and PDL teams' rosters.

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  1. Wow. Could be great for a few players, but if you're not playing in USL 1 or 2 that does the player no good. Certainly could poach best collegians from NPSL and USL. So, what's the greater good? Askin' me, I say "I just don't know."