Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UAH Alumni, Haiti Rebuilds, Dives, and Ugly 1860 Unis

UAH Alumni Game Still OnDespite the departure of the former head coach, UAH will go on with its Alumni match on March 27th. Interested players should contact interim head coach, Joe Nemzer.

Haitian Football Federation President Vows To Rebuild

The Haitian Football Federation Headquarters were destroyed in the earthquake. Photo via Getty Images.

During the earthquake that devastated the country the Haitian Football Federation's offices were destroyed along with over 30 Federation employees. Dr. Yves Jean-Bart survived and now vows to reconstruct the offices and the remainder of the soccer infrastructure in the country. He said this about the Haitian love for soccer.
"There is not one Haitian that has not touched a soccer ball. Football is part of the everyday life of Haiti, even with the scary living conditions in Port-au-Prince, even with the fields being occupied, they still play soccer. It is the only entertainment reserved for everybody. At the federation we had the great idea of distributing in the temporary shelters the few soccer balls we were able to recover and it was an explosion of joy. I think it is necessary and mandatory, to help with the psychological recovery of a major part of the population, to free the fields and allow the people to release some stress."
As you know, I am collecting soccer equipment to help bring their beloved game back to them. Please make your way down to Pete's Soccer Shop to donate your new or used shoes, balls, or any other equipment. Thanks, again.

Is It Always A Dive?
Studs Up is a comic strip about soccer. Today's strip is a funny look at diving.

1860, Was Denken Sie?


Let me be clear. Bayern Munich is my team, but ever since I visited Bavaria in college, I've had a soft spot for 1860 Munich. I love the classy look of their light blue kits with the lion crest. But they may have taken the prize for ugliest uniform ever with their shirt to celebrate their 150th year shown above. Yes, you are seeing that right. It's a collage of blue tinted historic photos on a soccer jersey with gold trim.

Oh, that's not so bad.

Well, maybe the powers that be anticipated this reaction because they made the shirt reversible and reveals a shirt that's not quite as revolting. Ahh, that's better.

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