Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CL Final On Fox, RCU Schedule, and Beer for Strong Bones

Champions League Final Will Be On Fox!

Fox will show its first soccer match ever when it broadcasts the 2010 Champions League Final on Saturday, May 22 at 1:30PM. This is huge news for two reasons. First, it will be on the flagship over the air Fox network available to millions, not Fox Soccer Channel or as previously reported FX. Second, the game is on a Saturday which is a change from years past when the final was on a weekday and required one to take off work/school to catch the action live. Nice!

I have an inquiry into Fox54 to verify that they will indeed be showing the match on their affiliate. I'll let you all know when I hear from them.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Zaideman from WZDX confirmed that Fox54 will indeed be broadcasting the game. Hooray!

Rocket City United To Release Schedule in March
RCU president and NPSL Southeast Region Commissioner Andy Zorovich has told the Pwt-blog that RCU will release its schedule in March. The Chattahooligan blog had posted a schedule for Chattanooga FC which included the dates with RCU, but Zorovich called the release premature. Zorovich went on to say, "There is a probability of changes on what is seen at Chattahooligan."

Beer, Good for Strong Bones

This has nothing to do with soccer, but being a member of the Free the Hops organization that aims to rewrite Alabama law to bring high quality craft beer to the state, I thought I'd pass this nugget along anyway. It's now been proven that beer is good for you. Turns out, those "Got Beer" t-shirts weren't just a hokey rip-off the old milk ads. :)

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