Friday, February 12, 2010

More Weekend Warrior, Ref's Sweet Backheel, and Eurosnob Smackdown

Weekend Warrior Is Upon Thee

Don't forget to bring your new or used soccer equipment to benefit Haiti out to the Weekend Warriors tournament this Saturday and Sunday. They'll also have a juggling contest to benefit the Melissa George Neonatal Memorial Fund at Huntsville Hospital with some great prizes including Rocket City United gear and season tix. PWT-blog will be on hand to bring you highlights of the fun from John Hunt Park this weekend. Lastly, they'll be selling T-shirts featuring the logo above.

Nice Backheel, Ref!

Apparently, fancy footskills aren't the sole domain of players anymore. When Spanish referee Alvarez Izquierdo accidentally got in the way of a pass, he decide the fair thing to do was to return the ball to the intended player with a nonchalant backheel. Nice pass!

You're So Vain, Eurosnob!

Adrea Canales of calls out the American born Eurosnob in her weekly column. She lays it down on the fools who for years dissed Landon Donovan, who is currently tearing it up for Everton in the EPL, because he choose to play in MLS rather than sit the bench for a European team. They claim that Donovan's years of playing for San Jose and LA have stunted his growth as a player and has subsequently hurt the USMNT. Suddenly, those same fools are his biggest fan, and Canales let's 'em have it.

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